post @ 2021-02-03
post @ 2021-02-03

Okay, well, maybe just a car body.

Some background links:

The idea is to:

  • take a model of the shell of a car,
  • thicken it to say 2mm,
  • slice it in to a bunch of panels,
  • print it.

I’ve been interested in 3D printing a car body for a while. I’ve read about some...

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Repairing and flocking a dashboard (specifically, a Destroyed Datsun 240Z dashboard brought back to life)

If you’re a person who’s in to old cars, you’ve probably experienced cracked or damaged dashboards. This is huge in the Datsun community where people commonly pay $1,000+ for NOS or remanufactured dashboards, or go with a simple dash cap for nearly $200 (see here for an example.) None of these options are very good.

I’m here to tell you that there are other options out there, for less money than even slapping a cap on the dashboard, and it will look better too. Flocking...

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post @ 2020-11-23

This is my very first blog post. I’ve been meaning to set up a blog for a while to post about interesting projects that I’m working on.

Things that I’ll be posting about on this blog include:

  • small programming projects and thoughts
    • especially javascript-based (nodejs or in the browser)
    • video game programming
    • engineering management?
  • app or program ideas and half-baked implementations of them
  • automotive modifications, restoration posts, aftermarket parts installs, guides, etc
  • dumb automotive ideas
  • children’s toy fixes (especially ones with small parts that are easy to break)
  • 3d printing stuff and other “maker” type projects
    • lots of small projects involving raspberry pis
  • power wheels repair and modification, parts installs, upgrades, etc
  • general DIYer stuff

I may do some youtube videos if things need further explanation than what...

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