This is my very first blog post. I’ve been meaning to set up a blog for a while to post about interesting projects that I’m working on.

Things that I’ll be posting about on this blog include:

  • small programming projects and thoughts
    • especially javascript-based (nodejs or in the browser)
    • video game programming
    • engineering management?
  • app or program ideas and half-baked implementations of them
  • automotive modifications, restoration posts, aftermarket parts installs, guides, etc
  • dumb automotive ideas
  • children’s toy fixes (especially ones with small parts that are easy to break)
  • 3d printing stuff and other “maker” type projects
    • lots of small projects involving raspberry pis
  • power wheels repair and modification, parts installs, upgrades, etc
  • general DIYer stuff

I may do some youtube videos if things need further explanation than what I’m able to blog about here.

I’ll be looking to backfill some posts as I get to them:

  • Destroyed Datsun 240Z dashboard brought back to life
  • Power wheels motor swaps + battery upgrades
  • VTech Toy tool box replacement parts + PDF example
  • C4 Corvette Microsquirt install
  • C4 Corvette XSPower SBC single turbo kit install and thoughts
  • Datsun 240Z/L28ET MS2 install
  • $5 miata “solid” diff+trans brace install
  • eBay miata turbo kit+DIYPNP parts list and install write up

Planning to do some more cool posts on these topics in the future as I get to the projects:

  • Power wheels remote steering + remote accelerator/stop button install
  • More interesting Corvette and Datsun projects

And whatever else I get to!

Thanks for reading

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